August 2020 Retreat


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(We are sad...)


You are not alone. When you set out to educate your children through Charlotte Mason's philosophy and methods, you step into a whole community of parents and teachers who are taking this journey right along side you. We are here to encourage one another, to share resources, and to teach and learn from one another as we grow together!

See below for current events, activities, and ways to connect.  Future events will be posted as they are confirmed.

Postponed for the Future

August 2020 retreat has been canceled

Just days before opening up pre-registration; after nailing down dozens of logistics; the whole planning team was very excited about the theme and schedule for the retreat... and we finally had to cancel the event.  We are all very disappointed--as I'm sure you are as well--but in light of the current crisis, both the health crisis and the financial crisis that many are experiencing, it seems best for our community at large. 


Unveiling the Theme...anticipation for the future

So, what was this year's retreat going to be? We would like to use many of the elements of this planned retreat for a future retreat.  But in hopes that you will find inspiration for your own personal studies through our plans, here is what our wonderful leadership and planning team had created:



The gift of an attentive life

Key sessions included:

  • Seeing the person-hood of your children - Teaching through a relationship

  • Faith Unseen - Trusting the method of a CM education

  • Seeing Ourselves - CM tools for self-evaluation and reflection (Mother's Diary, Mother's Logbook, Time Tables)

  • The Habit of Looking and the Power of Seeing - CM principles for art instruction, including an immersion for object and memory drawing.

  • Casting Vision - Strengthening our homes now, by looking ahead

  • Eyes to see God; ears to hear God - Miss Mason's directives for a spiritual atmosphere in the home and in nature


Key speakers were going to be:

  • Abby Wahl, OR

  • Bethany and Patrick Lowndes, WA

  • Danielle Cyrus, OR

  • Emily Pastor, OR

  • Jackie Siochi, WA


Key Immersions included:

  • Geography: Seeing the world around us

  • Nature Study: Seeing the natural world

  • Object and Memory Drawing

  • Artist and Composer Study


Planning committee members (many of whom were going to lead awesome immersions, etc.):

  • Alexis Putnam, OR

  • Chelsea Bergstedt, WA

  • Leyla Folsom, OR

  • Sarah Dempsen, WA

  • Sarah May Little, WA


Special highlight: Emily Pastor would have been leading a two-hour session and immersion on drawing including: how to approach/teach art and drawing with a CM method; how to begin or improve your own drawing skills; and immersive practice of object and memory drawing.  We’ll have to wait until 2021 for this session, but in the meantime, we encourage you to follow her on Instagram @coopey_creek to be inspired and learn.


Waiting out the uncertainty

Just like so many organizations and events around the world right now, we are waiting to see how health and economic situations affect our country and the CM community in particular before settling on a possible future retreat date.  It is our hope that we will all be able to spend quality time together in the not so distant future; therefore, we will be eagerly watching for the possibilities of gathering in large or small groups again. 


Until then, let us be praying for one another as we all walk through these trials separatly and yet not alone. 

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