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Charlotte Mason Northwest

August 2020 Retreat has been canceled.


In light of the current crisis, both the health crisis and the financial crisis that many are experiencing, it seems best for our community at large that we postpone this retreat.  Jump over to our events page to learn more about our future plans and to be inspired by the ideas that were prepared for August 2020's canceled event.  We will miss gathering together as a large group this year.


As you may have heard, the organization, Charlotte Mason West, which has put on such wonderful conferences over the past several years, has decided to transform into two organizations: one focusing on Northern California and another (the one you're on now) focusing on the Northwest. We are delighted to be serving and supporting this region of CM Homeschooling families.

Over the past several months, we have been forming our organization, building out a more permanent website, investigating possible retreats, and exploring other ways that we can be promoting the health and success of the CM community. We are excited to be getting to know all of you and your uniquely wonderful families! 

       ~Bethany and Emily

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Find us on:                       Instagram at @cm.nw

Find us on:                       Instagram at @cm.nw

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