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Charlotte Mason Northwest
Regional Symposium

Registration Open!
Spokane Symposium:
A Charlotte Mason Primer

Meet Our Speakers

Sarah Dale

Portland, Oregon

Leyla Folsom

Keizer, Oregon

Sarah Dempsen

Harrah, Washington

9:00 am-4:00 pm


Short Immersive Lesson

Plenary I: an Introduction to 

Charlotte Mason's philosophy


Short Immersive Lesson

Plenary II: on Spreading the Feast




Please see registration 

regarding dietary needs



Hands-on workshops


Short Immersive Lesson

Plenary III: on The Way of the Will 

and The Way of Reason


The Charlotte Mason Northwest Symposium is designed to fit the needs of individual communities in order to bring you into a deeper understanding of Charlotte Mason’s philosophy of education and to encourage and enliven you for the work of education. This one day event will acquaint you with Charlotte Mason's 20 principles and connect with you with others in your region. 


Click the link below to register now!!

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