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Charlotte Mason Northwest
Regional Symposium

Registration Open!
Spokane Symposium:
A Charlotte Mason Primer

Meet the Our Speakers

9:00 am-4:00 pm

Symposium Schedule

Registration and Share Tables Open at 8:30


9:00 Morning Plenary

Charlotte Mason Immersive Lesson

Plenary I: Children Are Born Persons...And Other Radical Ideas

Charlotte Mason Immersive Lesson

Plenary II: Making Connections That Matter


12:00 Lunch


Please see registration

regarding dietary needs


1:00 Workshops

  • Brush Drawing

  • Paper Sloyd

  • Littles through Form One, a Round Table Discussion

  • Upper Years, a Round Table Discussion



3:00 Afternoon Plenary 

Charlotte Mason Immersive Lesson

Plenary Session: Choose This Day:

Reason, the Will, and Our Continual Helper


Optional Post-Event Dinner Out

Keep your ears open at the Symposium if you want to continue your connections and conversations over a dinner out in the Spokane area with other attendees following the conclusion of the Symposium! More details available on the day of the event.


You don't want to miss all the goodness this Symposium includes! Click the link below to register now.

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